SBA 8(a) Process

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How to award an 8(a) Sole Source Contract

  • Step 1:
    Discuss the project with Linchpin Solutions and establish the technical requirements, timeframe, and price estimates.
  • Step 2:
    Send a letter of intent to the SBA district officer (IAW Subpart 19.8, Section 19.804-2 Agency offering). This letter contains the information pertinent to the prospective contract such as a requirements description, expected contract and value, NAICS code, etc. Linchpin Solutions can help in preparing this package. The written letter of intent to award procurement to Linchpin Solutions should be sent to Ronald A. Brunner, our Business Development Specialist at SBA via email You may also contact him directly at (305) 536-5899.
  • Step 3:
    SBA confirms the eligibility of Linchpin Solutions and accepts the offer within 10 working days if the contract is likely to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold and within two working days if the contract is at or below the simplified acquisition threshold (IAW Sec. 19.804-3, SBA Acceptance).
  • Step 4:
    The KO negotiates with Linchpin Solutions (IAW Sec 19.808-1, Sole Source Contract Negotiations).
  • Step 5:
    Upon completion of negotiations, the KO prepares a contract award document and sends it to Linchpin Solutions for signature.
  • Step 6:
    Upon receipt of the executed contract from Linchpin Solutions, the KO signs the contract and sends it to the SBA.
  • Step 7:
    Contract performance begins.

Download Subpart 19.8 — Contracting with the Small Business Administration (The 8(a) Program)

8(a) Regulations:

Federal law allows Agencies to award sole source contracts to the SBA on behalf of an eligible 8(a) firm of their choice. Contracts can be awarded in limits up to $4.5M.

8(a) Benefits & Advantages:

  • Streamlined Process
  • Supports Mission Readiness
  • Expedited Negotiations
  • Mitigates lengthy acquisition timelines
  • Qualified contractor of choice
  • Obtainment of 8(a) Small Business Goals